Don Ortolano

Don Ortolano.jpg

The majority of Don’s acting experience has been on stage (Streetcar Named Desire, Richard the Third, Sleuth). His first film with RMP’s production was, First Love (2013), where he played Anthony Vero and then in We Are Stronger (2017) as Tommy Ortel.

Born and raised in New York, Don has lived in many parts of the country and is very pleased that the path God laid out for him brought him to Texas and Reflective Life Ministries. He works in the transportation/logistics industry.

“I have been married to Rhonda for 33 years, and she has been an awesome wife and mom. We have three grown kids, two girls and a boy. The youngest, the boy, is now in the United States Navy.

I love acting, but my first passion is teaching God’s Word. I firmly believe that Breaking Strongholds is all about God’s Word, and it's healing power... Making it especially meaningful to me. My character, Tommy Ortel, is one who is still in the healing process. I'm absolutely thrilled to be working with many of the same friends I worked with in We Are Stronger."