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Faith-Based Drama

LOGLINE: When the beloved high-school art teacher goes missing, an overwhelmed small town detective discovers he is in the midst of a spiritual battle that he is not equipped to handle. 


Redmond Quinn, an influential and wealthy self-help author and “thought leader” has moved his multi-million-dollar company to the once quiet community of Montgomery, Texas. The local economy skyrockets as the population of the area explodes with Quinn’s followers from across the country. Despite the surge in prosperity, a darkness has settled over this once serene town. Quinn’s seemingly innocuous teachings and influence is fracturing the community. Questions arise when the beloved high school teacher, Lindsey Jordan, goes missing. Detective Ethan James is assigned the case, but to his surprise this investigation will draw him directly into the fight for the town’s soul.


Breaking Strongholds is a faith-based TV series with eight episodes addressing spiritual and mental wellness issues such as teen suicide, depression, effects of social media, post-traumatic stress, eating disorders, sexual abuse, and more. The following graphic shows the overarching purpose connected to the characters in the TV series.

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Reflective Media Productions is the culmination of a journey that began nearly a decade ago. In the summer of 2010 the Lord brought together a small group of people with just the right skills at just the right time to begin a small film project. Out of that project a team was formed and would go on to make two other films, First Love and We Are Stronger. Over the course of the productions the team grew in numbers, but they were also drawn closer together through trial and found unity of spirit and purpose. From that foundation Reflective Media Productions was born and in 2018 it became a collective of believers who use their diverse gifts to bring honor and glory to Christ through the use of media.