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LOGLINE: When a teen’s plan to end his life is interrupted by a mysterious stranger, he finds an unlikely mentor and uncovers the dark secret motives of the town’s newest celebrity.

SYNOPSIS: Teenagers, Ryan and Riley James, are left with unanswered questions after their mother’s death five years before. Their father, Ethan, numbs the pain by pouring himself in to his work as police detective, but misses the mark within the walls of his own home.

Ryan struggles with depression and thoughts of suicide. With his mom’s death, an absent father, and rejection from his childhood sweetheart – in his mind, there is no other way out. Is this the end for Ryan? NO! In his attempt to end it all, the most unlikely person halts his exit strategy.

Riley is popular and out-going, but has her own identity issues that leave her susceptible to the dark side. Redman Quinn, the well-known ego-centered author and “Thought Leader” has recently moved his multimillion-dollar company to town. Despite the surge in prosperity, spiritual darkness settles over this quite little community. Slowly, Riley is drawn into his self-help ideology that lead her down the path to isolation and denial. Until… Grace, the school counselor enters her life.

In this series, we bring awareness to many of the issues people face today… broken families, suicidal ideation, abandonment, depression, and more. Almost like a modern-day parable, each episode creatively weaves God’s Truths into the storyline and pointing to Jesus, the only One capable of truly Breaking Strongholds!

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BTS #1 – PCs House

BTS #2 – The Police Station

BTS #3 – God's Garage


Breaking Strongholds is a faith-based TV series with eight episodes addressing spiritual and mental wellness issues such as teen suicide, depression, effects of social media, post-traumatic stress, and more. The following graphic shows the overarching purpose connected to the characters in the TV series.

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