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Faith-Based Drama

LOGLINE: When the beloved high-school art teacher goes missing, an overwhelmed small town detective discovers he is in the midst of a spiritual battle that he is not equipped to handle. 


Strongholds is an eight-part series following a Montgomery police detective, Ethan James, as he investigates the disappearance of a beloved local high school teacher. Having lost his wife five years ago, he is struggling to raise his two teenagers, keep his head above water at work, and stay up with his duties as a deacon at church. With so much on his plate, he hasn't noticed that his son and his daughter are both slipping further away from him.

To add to Ethan’s problems, the department’s resources have been spread thin by the recent arrival of Redmond Quinn, an influential and wealthy self-help writer and motivational speaker.  Quinn has moved his multi-million-dollar company into the area.  It has boosted the economy as a new retreat and conference center, recording studio and educational facilities are built on the 500 acre “Clarity Ranch.”  His arrival has been a mixed blessing. 

A subtle shift in thinking is seeping into the schools, churches, and civic mindset. One lone pastor and the owner of a local garage team up to shed light on Quinn’s teachings and a once peaceful Bible belt town is now challenged to its core.  The police department is working at its limits to maintain order. 

As Ethan is led down the rabbit hole of the investigation, he begins to understand that he is in the midst of a spiritual war that he is not equipped to handle. Never before did he realize the warfare taking place around him on the job, in his home, and in his own heart.


Breaking Strongholds is a faith-based TV series shedding light on the spiritual battles believers face. Set in the rural town of Montgomery, TX, this quiet little community is turned upside-down when the beloved highschool art teacher goes missing. The once unified town is now in disarray due to fiery accusations, which have caused division in the community, churches, and even families. Throughout the series, Breaking Strongholds seeks to answer this question, “ In the midst of adversity, heartache, and grief how does a follower of Christ live in victory and not defeat?” The answer to this question and more can be found in the creative twists and turns throughout the plot-line and the characters within the story. Breaking Strongholds addresses challenging topics like suicide, depression, post traumatic stress, sexual abuse, and more. But, more importantly we share the message that Jesus is the hope and healing needed to overcome these difficulties. All in all, the mission of Breaking Strongholds is to encourage believers to live in victory because the battle is already won.

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Previous Project

WE ARE STRONGER is a faith-based film exploring a veteran's battle with PTSD. While Vic struggles to recover from his physical injuries, reclaim his marriage, and adjust to life after combat, he discovers he can’t do it alone.

This film was made in cooperation with the Stronger Alliance: Mighty Oaks, CRU Military, Amos House of Faith, Armed Forces Mission, and more who are dedicated to trauma recovery.

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Reflective Media Productions is the culmination of a journey that began nearly a decade ago. In the summer of 2010 the Lord brought together a small group of people with just the right skills at just the right time to begin a small film project. Out of that project a team was formed and would go on to make two other films, First Love and We Are Stronger. Over the course of the productions the team grew in numbers, but they were also drawn closer together through trial and found unity of spirit and purpose. From that foundation Reflective Media Productions was born and in 2018 it became a collective of believers who use their diverse gifts to bring honor and glory to Christ through the use of media.