A hopeless teen, a missing teacher, and a widowed detective are pulled under by spiritual and emotional darkness. The quiet little community of Montgomery, TX must stand firm in the face of adversity.

The generation today suffer from a variety of issues like depression, broken families, social media pressures, misplaced identity, comparison, cyber bullying, suicidal thoughts, isolation, and more. Together, we can help break this cycle. Be part of strengthening the next generation by becoming a Breaking Strongholds Sponsor.

TITLE SPONSOR - $25,000 (Sponsor: Spirt of Texas Bank)

  • Corporate name and logo displayed at the beginning of Episode 1 with a 6-Second Bumper

  • Corporate name and logo listed in credits with a special “Thank You to our Title Sponsor”

  • Advertising campaigns on a local, state, and national level with Title Sponsor added

  • Listed on promo materials, social media, press releases, website, Episode 1 Trailer, etc.

  • Tickets to the Red Carpet Premiere and recognized as Title Sponsor

PLATINUM SPONSOR - $10,000 (1 Sold: Terbo Corp)

  • Corporate name/logo listed in the credits as “Platinum Sponsor”

  • Name/Corporation, logo, and website

  • Invited to the Red Carpet Premiere and recognized as Platinum Sponsor

GOLD SPONSOR - $5000 (Unlimited - 1 Sold: Salt Remedy)

  • Listed in the credits as “Gold Sponsor”

  • Name/Corporation and website listed on the series website

SILVER SPONSOR - $2500 (Unlimited - 1 Sold: Grace Point Fellowship Baptist Church)

  • Listed in credits as Silver Sponsor


  • Listed in the credits Episode 1 as “Bronze Sponsor”

  • Name/Corporation listed on the series website


  • Opportunity to be on set and have dinner with the cast and Named Talent.

  • Listed in the credits for each episode in which the named actor is featured.

  • Added to Breaking Strongholds and RMP websites for Named Actor Sponsorship.

  • Social media shout-outs and ads promoting the named actor in Breaking Strongholds.

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