Strongholds is an eight-part series following a Montgomery police detective, Ethan James, as he investigates the disappearance of a beloved local high school teacher. Having lost his wife five years ago, he is struggling to raise his two teenagers, keep his head above water at work, and stay up with his duties as a deacon at church. With so much on his plate, he hasn't noticed that his son and his daughter are both slipping further away from him.

To add to Ethan’s problems, the department’s resources have been spread thin by the recent arrival of Redmond Quinn, an influential and wealthy self-help writer and motivational speaker.  Quinn has moved his multi-million-dollar company into the area.  It has boosted the economy as a new retreat and conference center, recording studio and educational facilities are built on the 500 acre “Clarity Ranch.”  His arrival has been a mixed blessing. 

A subtle shift in thinking is seeping into the schools, churches, and civic mindset. One lone pastor and the owner of a local garage team up to shed light on Quinn’s teachings and a once peaceful Bible belt town is now challenged to its core.  The police department is working at its limits to maintain order. 

As Ethan is led down the rabbit hole of the investigation, he begins to understand that he is in the midst of a spiritual war that he is not equipped to handle. Never before did he realize the warfare taking place around him on the job, in his home, and in his own heart.

At A Glance

Title: Breaking Strongholds

Scope: 8 Part TV Series

Genre: Faith Based, Drama

Distribution Method: Amazon Prime

The Goal

The goal of the Strongholds project is to awaken believers to the existence of the spiritual world around them and to equip them to wage effective spiritual warfare in their own lives and on behalf of those around them. It is to show believers that their true power source is the Holy Spirit. We are addressing spiritual warfare but not dwelling on the darkest things. We want to show that spiritual warfare is a real part of life and that as believers, we fight from a place of victory in Christ, not of fear.



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